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Side of BEAST (Side Edge Bevel Tool)

Side of BEAST (Side Edge Bevel Tool)

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Side Edge Bevel Angle
Side of Beast - Side Edge Sharpening Tool
Side of Beast

Side of BEAST is a professional quality ski tuning tool that bevels and sharpens ski side edges. This edge bevel tool is built with a durable anodized aluminum frame for precision, and a stainless steel face plate for a smooth glide over the ski base.

It comes with your choice of bevel angle plate which can be interchanged with additional optional angle plates.

Files are held in place by a vice like jaw that is tightened using a thumbscrew. This tool does not come with a file.

Available in the following bevel angles.

  • Side of BEAST - 1°

  • Side of BEAST - 2°

  • Side of BEAST - 3°

  • Side of BEAST - 4°

  • Side of BEAST - 7°

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