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Here is your chance to escape from the smoky, smelly wax room. Break free from hours hunched over a wax bench applying wax that does not last. Instead, spend your time flying down the trail. When you use High Speed (HS) wax on your skis or board, the durable finish will give you an efficient, silky smooth glide, whether on the mountain or the trail, that will last and last—using only the highest quality ingredients from the best US-based manufacturers. Fast Wax marries and blends these components to create the best non-fluorocarbon wax you can get.

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The future starts now! The HSX series of paste waxes from Fast Wax utilizes an all new, environmentally friendly (Green) speed additive. Still easy to use, still the best value in paste wax, and still faster than fast!
Not only have we made the formula better. The packaging underwent an upgrade as well! New, lighter steel tins do a better job of keeping dirt out, and a new heavy-duty applicator pad makes it easier to get to work. HSX is designed to be an all-temp ski wax paste.




A revolution has hit the snow. A revolution that leaves fluorocarbons behind and moves you forward with fluorocarbon-like speed. The new Fast Wax line of THUNDERBOLT race waxes utilizes exciting next-generation speed additives that are better for the environment and provide breakneck speed and all-day durability. Thunderbolt uses hydrophobic ceramic nano-spheres. When these spheres make it to the surface of your ski, the high surface area provides more water-repelling power where you need it most. Not only does this new additive repel water, but its super strong structure also offers superior abrasion resistance.




The Thunderbolt revolution continues with Thunderbolt Plus. While on our quest to make the next generation ski wax that was environmentally friendly and fast as hell. Our chemical engineers came across several very promising additives. One of these additives, “J”, was such a strong contender as a fluorocarbon replacement we continued to develop and test with it. The real genius came when we started mixing the Thunderbolt additive with additive “J” a high-density polyethylene wax with a metallic nano-composite additive. This is where the PLUS comes in.