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Base BEAST (Base Edge Bevel Tool)

Base BEAST (Base Edge Bevel Tool)

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Base Edge Angle
The #1 Ski Base Edge Beveler in the World!

Finally an easy-to-use Base Edge Bevel tool. A proven stainless steel and polycarbonate design is tremendously successful with ski-tuning techs around the world. This uniquely designed ski base edger features angled side arms. A "tongue" file grip and ergonomic finger rests. Allowing for efficient filing of any ski base. The stainless steel floating elevation bar tilts the file or stone at a precise angle for easy set-up and maintenance of base edge bevels.
Available in the following base edge bevel angles .5° - .75° - 1° - 1.5° - 2°

Built to last a lifetime:

The high-tech polycarbonate frame is lightweight and super tough. A patented design ensures the accuracy of the Base BEAST. The Base BEAST base edge tool maintains the proper base angle with a precise stainless steel elevation bar set at the optimum distance from the ski edge. No mechanical fasteners to loosen up, this is one solid base edge beveled. The durability of the material combined with an accurate, easy-to-use design makes Base BEAST the #1 selling base edge beveler in the World!

To Use:

Put the ski in a vice base side up. Place the shoulder of the Base BEAST base edge tool on the outside of the edge, the stainless steel elevation bar is placed directly on the base. Place a file into the Base Beast on top of the stainless steel elevation bar and the shoulder guide. Then move both the file and the Base Beast from tip to tail down your edge. After each stroke move the file a small amount, exposing a clean portion of the file. Continue filing until your edge angle is established.

Suggested Base Bevel Angles:

    • Slalom -- 0 to 0.5 degrees
    • GS -- 0.5 to 0.75 degrees
    • Super G -- 0.75 to 1.0 degrees
    • All Mountain Expert -- 0.75 to 1.0 degrees
    • All Mountain Novice/Advanced -- 1.0 degree
    • Snowboard Beginner -- 1.0 to 2.0 degrees
    • Snowboard Intermediate -- 1.0 degree
    • Snowboard Free rider -- 1.0 degree
    • Snowboard Spinner -- 2.0+ degree
    • Snowboard Halfpipe -- 1.0 to 2.0 degrees (tip/tail); 0 to 1.0 degrees (underfoot)
    • Snowboard Boarder-cross -- 0 to 1.0 degrees
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