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Fast Wax

Whiplash Brush System

Whiplash Brush System

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Perform three ski-tuning tasks in just one single pass down the ski with the Whiplash brush system!

    1. Warm the wax, to melt deeper into the ski base

    1. Whip and pack wax into every crevice of the ski base

    1. Brush out your structure

The Whiplash is an attachment for your cordless drill that allows you to place a wool paint roller on it. The combination will whip the wax into your ski base. Technically, this would be called a mandrel - a rotating shaft on which you can place any standard paint roller. Then the drill rotates the mandrel and paint roller skin at high speed. The Whiplash Brush system is a highly-adjustable roto brush, built specifically for paste waxes.

The thin, strong natural fibers of merino wool are the perfect brush material for the Whiplash brush system. The longer fibers rotating at high speed will cause enough friction to heat up the wax allowing it to be absorbed into the ski base easier. Further, the whipping action of the long fibers of the merino wool will also physically pack wax into the ski base, pushing it into every nook and cranny. This action dramatically increases the amount of wax in the ski base versus just wiping on a layer of paste wax. Let's not forget to mention that you are brushing out the ski base at the same time.

When you use a roto brush you need to take care not to work the brush too hard in one spot and ruin your ski base. With the Whiplash brush system, you do not need to worry anymore. When you push too hard on the Whiplash brush, the paint roller will stall out on the ski base while the mandrel it is mounted on continues to rotate. A built-in brake feature makes this system almost foolproof.
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