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Fast Wax

Speed Block

Speed Block

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Speed Block "The Fire Starter" - wax skis and snowboards fast with our speed block. Felt pad on cork block, small enough to take it anywhere so you can wax your skis or board at any time.

Looking to add additional durability to your application of paste wax? The speed block is the tool you need. A super high-density felt pad on a cork block allows for maximum heat generation with the least effort. Small and effective, take it out on the trail with you to touch up your skis when they start to feel slow.

During the ski season, when the Speed Block gets loaded with wax. Use the Speed Block on a wire brush to break up the caked-on wax and to get the felt fibers to stand up.

After a season of use, refresh your Speed Block by replacing the high-density felt pad. Check out our Replacement Pad Kit.

The size of the cork block is 3" x 2" x 1.25" with another .125" in thickness from the felt pad.

To use:

  1. Apply paste wax to the ski base.
  2. Starting at the tip and working your way to the tail.
  3. Take the Speed Block and using short strokes draw it down the ski base using slight downward pressure.
  4. Make a couple of passes down the ski.

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