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Fast Wax

Pine Tar 4oz

Pine Tar 4oz

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Fast Wax Pine Tar 4oz, with flip top cap.

Wait what Pine Tar is for baseball? Not really, it has a longer history than that. For hundreds of years skiers have been using Pine Tar to seal their ski bases and get them ready for glide wax. Pine Tar nourishes and seals the wood fibers and provides a surface for wax to stick to.

How to apply Pine Tar? Check out this excellent beginning guide on putting Pine Tar on

We have a source from the old country that can sell us everything we need to make Pine Tar in quantity. We mixed the tar with Gum Turpentine and boiled Linseed Oil using a secret northern Wisconsin recipe. Our target is a consistency of maple syrup. Easy to apply and sinks quickly into hungry wood bases.

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