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Fast Wax

Nylon Polishing Wax Brush

Nylon Polishing Wax Brush

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Fast Wax Nylon Polishing Brush For the final touch puts the shine on the ski for added speed. Part of the Fast Wax easy to use 3 brush system

The final step in our 3 Brush system requires our stiffest, shortest bristle brush in the arsenal. The stiffness and larger bristle diameter of the Snowspeeder help generate the friction necessary to melt the wax and embed it across the entire ski base. This brush brings your ski base to life, taking it from a dull rough finish to a bright high speed finish.

The diameter of the bristle was selected because it limits the amount of additional wax pulled out of the base to a bare minimum. The solid maple block looks great, it's eco-friendly and will last year after year. The Nylon brush measures 2 ½ inches wide by 5 inches long and 1 inch tall. The nylon brush bristles are a customized 5/16” of an inch long.
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