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HS 30 (Shop Bar)

HS 30 (Shop Bar)

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HS 30 Red Sport Wax - Fast and durable, works well over a wide range of conditions.

Peak Range 24° F to 34° F
Iron Temperature 266° F
Pure Paraffin
500 grams

This wax is the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” of our HS ski wax line; Its narrower temperature range gives you serious speed while still providing durability when you go from the sun into the shadows. It is ideal on skis, on snowboards and on Nordic skis. If you’re looking for outstanding performance and super durability from a paraffin ski wax? -your search ends here! HS 30 is a super fast and durable ski wax that can be used all winter long for downhill skiing, snowboarding, or Nordic cross country. Why is it so popular? Once you get it on your skis or snowboard and feel how a real ski wax makes you glide faster and smoother, you will be hooked.

Wax Technology:

The reason HS 30 performs so well is its blend of four types of paraffin wax. Each wax is selected for a specific performance characteristic. These waxes are married together using a process unique to Fast Wax to ensure that the waxes are bonded together properly. Our process takes a long time but in the end, the results are worth the time and extra effort.

The durability of the ski wax starts with a lower-temperature hard wax that provides the solid foundation. This hard wax keeps the wax in the ski as the snow attempts to pull it out. Additional durability is added when you iron in the wax into the ski. The heat of the iron, opens up the pores of the ski base, allowing the wax to be absorbed deeper into the ski. Now, your ski or snowboard can go for miles and miles with excellent glide. You want to be on the hill or trail and not stuck in the wax room, right?

When to use:

In addition, HS 30 really shines just at the freezing point. HS 30 is at its best used when the temperature is between 20 and 40 degrees. In this temperature range, wet friction is a major concern. When used in these conditions, NOTHING can touch it.

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