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Fast Wax

HS 20 (High Speed 20)

HS 20 (High Speed 20)

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HS 20 Blue Sport Wax - Consistently a Fast Wax top-selling product. Used by skiers and snowboarders all over and is the preferred training wax of Master Skiers everywhere!

Peak Range 12° F to 28° F
Iron Temperature 275° F
Pure Paraffin
80 grams

Why is HS-20, Fast Waxes most popular wax? Because of its all-around versatility, speed, and durability it is a ski wax used all over the world. Ideal on skis, on snowboards and on Nordic skis. If you’re looking for outstanding performance and super durability from a paraffin ski wax? -your search ends here! HS 20 is a durable and fast ski wax that can be used all winter long for downhill skiing, snowboarding, or Nordic cross country. Why is it so popular? Once you get it on your skis or snowboard and feel how a real ski wax makes you glide faster. You will be hooked.

Wax Technology:

The reason HS 20 performs so well is from its blend of four different types of paraffin wax. Each wax is selected for a specific performance characteristic. Using advanced processing techniques allows us to properly bond these waxes together at the atomic level. Skiers and borders demand exceptional speed and durability and this is what the result of this process provides.

A mix of hard waxes to provide a solid foundation for HS 20. These hard waxes help keep the wax in the ski as the snow attempts to pull it out. Ironed in wax provides extra durability. The pores of the ski base will expand from the irons heat allowing wax to sink deeper in to it. Now your ski or snowboard can go for miles and miles with excellent glide. You want to be on the hill or trail and not stuck in the wax room, right?

When to use:

The best time to use HS 20 is when the temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees, just below freezing. Here wet friction starts to rob you of your speed. Fight back and stay fast. By using a ski wax that is engineered from the ground up for durability and speed.

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