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Fast Wax

HS 10 (High Speed 10)

HS 10 (High Speed 10)

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HS- 10 Teal - Excellent wax for cold abrasive snow, overcast conditions and new cold windblown snow.

Use to harden your base
Peak Range -10° to 15° F
Iron Temperature 284° F
Pure Paraffin
80 grams

Fast Wax HS 10 is a cold-weather ski wax that owns the mountain or trail when the temperatures drop into the single digits. Making it an all-around excellent wax for skiing in cold conditions. A popular wax that has a wide effective temperature range one finds in the middle of the winter. Also works well for hardening bases.

Wax Technology:

HS 10 is an engineered blend of several pure paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax that works over a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions. This selective blending process gives Fast Wax skiers an advantage in speed and durability over other products. All HS products are non-fluorinated. HS 10 is a true cold-weather ski wax that excels in cold and dry conditions, which means the humidity is less than 40%.

Like all HS products, HS 10 is a hard wax that you will need to iron in. Then, let it cool to room temperature and scrape it off. You will be shocked at how easily HS 10 irons in and scrapes out. HS 10 is often used below HS 0 to provide a solid foundation for the harder wax to bond to.

When to use:

The best time to use HS 10 wax is when the temperature is cold, between 0 and 20 degrees. Here, dry friction starts to rob you of your speed. Fight back and stay fast. By using a ski wax that is engineered from the ground up for durability and speed.

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