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Fast Wax

HS 0 (Shop Bar)

HS 0 (Shop Bar)

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HS- 0 Extreme White - Excellent wax for cold abrasive snow, overcast conditions and new cold windblown snow.

Use to harden your base
Peak Range -30° to 8° F
Iron Temperature 284° F
Pure Paraffin
500 grams

Shop bars are a good option for skiers looking to purchase cold-temperature ski wax in bulk. Shop bars are a 500 g brick of wax. The brick comes in a clam shell package, keeping it safe while in your wax box.

HS 0 is the "GOLD STANDARD" cold weather ski wax that excels in cold and dry conditions.

Fast Wax HS 0 is our coldest-weather ski wax that comes into its own when the temperatures drop below zero. Making it an all-around excellent wax for skiing in cold conditions. A popular wax that has a wide effective temperature range one finds in the dead of the winter.

Wax Technology:

HS 0 is an engineered blend of several pure paraffin waxes each selected for a key property to form an exceptional ski wax that works over a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions. This selective blending process gives Fast Wax skiers an advantage in speed and durability over other products. All HS products are non-fluorinated.

Like all HS products, HS 0 is a hard wax that you will need to iron in. Then, let it cool to room temperature and scrape it off. You will be shocked at how easily HS 0 irons in and scrapes out. HS 0 is often used as a base layer to provide a solid foundation for the harder waxes to bond to, providing enhanced durability.

When to use:

The best time to use HS 0 wax is when the temperature is cold, between -20 and 10 degrees. Dry friction starts to rob you of your speed. Fight back and stay fast by using a ski wax that is engineered from the ground up for durability and speed.
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