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Fast Wax

HS 0 (High Speed 0)

HS 0 (High Speed 0)

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HS 0 White - Is the gold standard for cold weather waxes

Peak Range -30° to 8° F
Iron Temperature 284° F
Paraffin and Synthetic waxes
80 grams

Extremely cold snow needs a cold weather ski wax that can stand up to the speed-reducing, abrasive friction created as you ski over it.

As a result of the harsh winter conditions in Minnesota HS 0 was born. And quickly became the gold standard for cold-weather ski waxes. Put some on before your next cold-weather race and experience how it feels to be the only one with greasy, fast skis. Your windburned, chapped lips might even crack a smile at the start line. We have reports from some skiers who said their skis were still wicked fast at -30F when using HS 0.

Wax Technology:

HS 0 is a pure paraffin wax specifically engineered with a blend of a special hard wax and balanced with a specialty micro wax. A blend of five different waxes is married to form an exceptional ski wax. That excels in and under extreme conditions.

Another use of HS 0 is by Alpine racers who use HS 0 to fight base burn. Placing HS 0 under your bindings will help you dissipate heat generated in high G turns. Simply apply a layer of HS 0 on top of your base prep. Then finish with a layer or layers of the race wax you will be using that day.

Since HS 0 is a hard wax, you will need to iron this in, let it cool, and scrape it off. You will be shocked at how easily HS 0 irons in and scrapes out. You will not find another extreme cold weather wax that is so easy to apply.

When to use:

No need to be afraid of dry, cold, fine-grained, powdery snow anymore when you are skiing on HS 0. Ideally one should use HS 0 when it is at or below zero degrees out.
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