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Fast Wax

Graphite Wax Additive (Warm)

Graphite Wax Additive (Warm)

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• Cold or warm wax mix with 4% Graphite load
• 40 grams
• Single Stick in clamshell
• Cold -20℉ to 20℉ / Warm 20℉-40℉

With Fast Wax Graphite Additive, you can add graphite any ski wax. No need to purchase a whole new set of waxes. Use the waxes you already have and add as much or as little graphite to it. Save your money for Hot Coco!

We have two versions of our Graphite Additive wax, cold and warm. Depending on the conditions choose one that fits the temp range you will be skiing in.

To use, simply remove any old wax from your ski base. Rub or Drip on some Fast Wax Cold or Warm Graphite Additive. About a drop every 2" should do. Then drip on the wax of the day. As you iron in both waxes, they will mix together and you will be ready for the trail.

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