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Eversharp (Wax Scraper Sharpening Tool)

Eversharp (Wax Scraper Sharpening Tool)

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Eversharp Sharpener, keep your plastic scrapers sharp all the time with this handy tool. New more aggressive double cut file. New clamping system makes the sharpener more compact for traveling and easier to use. A must for the harder cold weather waxes

The Eversharp

Once you have ironed in your wax the next step is to use a sharp scraper to remove the top layer of wax. You want wax in your base not on your base. This makes the Eversharp and essential tool for serious skiers and boarders.

Made of sustainably grown, sturdy Minnesota White Oak (Quercus Alba) the Eversharp places a right angle guide directly above a 18 TPI mill file. Making it super simple to put a crisp 90 degree edge on to your favorite scraper. Eversharp keeps your scrapers edge razor sharp in just a couple passes.

The Eversharp is “Armstrong” powered, no need to search for an electrical outlet or recharge batteries when you just want to sharpen your scraper.

If the file becomes loaded with shavings from sharpening your scrapers, simply loosen the retaining nut and the file slides out the end. Now clean the file, replace it back into the Eversharp, and retighten the nut. Good as new.

Built to last forever. The Oak frame is the perfect material so you can mount it to your wax bench with a couple of screws, or keep it in your wax box for when you travel.

The Eversharp measures 3 inches wide by 1 ½ inches tall by 7 inches long, and weighs less than 5 ounces.

Makes a great gift for the skier that has everything!
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