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Fast Wax

Complete 3 Brush System

Complete 3 Brush System

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The Fast Wax 3 Brush System is the easiest brush system to learn. And save big when you purchase the entire brush set, to boot!

Stainless Steel "Infinity Brush" Our famous Stainless Steel brush is often mistaken for a fiber brush. It is that soft. Do not be fooled it is a cleaning powerhouse.

The Super Fine Stainless Steel brush aka the “Infinity Brush” is the Jewel in the Crown of the Fast Wax brush system. It is sought after by wax techs all over the world. It was designed to clean wax from your base without scratching your ski base. Foolproof cleaning of your ski base is possible with this brush and is the first and most important step in our 3 step system.
You will FEEL the difference

    Horsehair Brush

    There is no denying the effective wax-removing POWER of our Fast Wax Horse Hair Brush. We use only hair from a specific breed of happy, lightning-fast horses from Kentucky, and this brush makes waxing your ski lightning-fast as well.

    And talk about ecologically friendly! -this is actual horse hair. The shaft has the perfect balance of the properties needed to gently remove the right amount of wax from your structure.
    In addition, it will push wax across your entire ski base, resulting in a smooth, even surface of wax down the whole length of your ski.

    The stiff base of the Horsehair shaft gives way to its flexible tip that deftly responds to the amount of pressure you apply: start strong on the first couple of passes then ease up on your final pass to get your ski ready for the final touch.

    Nylon Brush

    The final step in our 3 Brush system requires our stiffest, shortest bristle brush in the arsenal. The stiffness and larger bristle diameter of the Snowspeeder helps generate the friction necessary to melt the wax and embed it across the entire ski base. This brush brings your ski base to life, taking it from a dull rough finish to a bright high speed finish.

    The solid maple block looks great, it's eco-friendly and will last year after year. The Nylon brush measures 2 ½ inches wide by 5 inches long and 1 inch tall. The nylon brush bristles are a customized 5/16” of an inch long.

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