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Fast Wax

Combi Wax Brush

Combi Wax Brush

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For use with Paste Waxes or Fluoro Top Coats. Horsehair on one side for brushing out the Ski or Snowboard. Felt Pad on the other for polishing.
The Combi "Trail Buddy" Brush is a brush that generates heat and brushes wax out of your structure, the best of both worlds! A must have brush for paste wax applications on the trail. The Fast Wax Combi brush makes a great wing man to your favorite tin of paste wax. The Combi Brush is two tools in one. A felt pad used to generate heat and spread wax on every surface of your ski base. The other side is a 1/4" horsehair brush to touch up the polish on your ski base.

The Combi Brush is small enough so that a tin of paste wax and a Combi Brush can fit in your trail pack. A thick block of maple anchors both sides of the tool. Expect years and years of trusty service from this compact gadget.

When to use:

After applying a paste wax, rub the side with the felt pad to generate heat. This heat will melt the wax on your ski. Which will allow the paste wax to bond with it providing you more durability. Once the wax is on the base, use the brush side to clean out your structure and polish your ski base.
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