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Fast Wax

Base Prep (Shop Bar)

Base Prep (Shop Bar)

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Fast Wax Base Prep is specifically designed to prep skis before waxing. Helps to improve wax durability and ski speed. Contains a combination of Soft, Medium, Hard, and Micro waxes. This combination provides superior holding for the additional waxes applied for skiing. Base Prep is like a super glue that holds your outer layer of wax to your ski or snowboard base. We engineered our Base Prep to melt easier and seep deeper into your base than any other, providing a better foundation to bind with your top layer wax. Iron it in, let it cool and scrape it off.

Our Fast Wax Base Prep is not only the ultimate base coat, it also EXCELS as an off-season storage and travel wax. We put a conditioning wax in it to keep your base from drying out!

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