Waxing Wax Less Skis?

Waxing Wax Less Skis?

It never fails that when we are doing our wax demos we get the question "Do I have to wax my wax less skis?"

Well, yes and no. If you give me a minute I will make you a wax less ski expert.

It important to understand that in classic Nordic skiing we use two types of wax. Kick and glide. Kick wax is super sticky and helps you grab the snow, this allow you to plant your foot and propel yourself forward. Glide wax is opposite of Kick wax and is what makes your skis glide across the snow.

The term wax less is a marketing term used for a certain style of classic Nordic ski. This wax less term refers to the ski not requiring kick wax. You might have heard the term fish-scales or skins. These employ some physical way of holding the ski to the snow allowing you to push your self forward. When the ski is moved forward the wax less area moves easily across the snow, when the ski starts to go backwards the fish scales or skins grab the snow and stop the ski from going backwards.

Enough about the term wax less. Do I need to wax the tips and tails of my wax less skis? If you want to work less out on the trails absolutely.  You climbed that hill should you not get the chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor gliding down the other side? Glide wax will reduce the friction between the base of your ski and the snow. Allowing you to glide further and recover a little more.

This is where Fast Wax comes in.

Fast Wax manufactures all kinds of super slippery glide wax, right here in the U.S. using U.S. sourced materials.

A glide waxes job is to seal all the microscopic voids on the base of your ski and to provide a durable, slippery surface for your ski to glide upon. Fast Wax has been making glide waxes for over 26 years, so we know a thing or two about the science of speed.

Using a US supply chain allows us to use higher quality wax components instead of paying the sea captain to haul wax all the way over here from Europe. Not to mention the smaller carbon footprint.

New to Fast Wax?

Totally understand, we spend too much of our time on developing new waxes and winning races than we do on marketing. Doh! To make up for this we are going to offer up a 20% discount on your next Fast Wax order.  Just use "FastWax20" at check out to take advantage of this.

Anyone who wants to go faster and further across the snow, spend less time in the wax room, and save a few bucks loves Fast Wax.

Our suggestions for a Fast Wax, wax to use on wax less skis would be the following: (each is a link to the product in our store)

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