HSX Paste SKi Wax

The Fluoroless Future Starts Now With High Speed eXtreme (HSX)!

Introducing the HSX line of non-fluorinated waxes from Fast Wax, utilizing the base formula of our long-running and famous HSP line of Fluorinated paste waxes. HSX utilizes an all-new, environmentally friendly (Green) speed additive. It is still easy to use, still the best value in paste wax, and still faster than fast!

I know what you think: "What do you mean by Green"? We mean that we utilize a water-repellent additive that conforms to the OECD 302C Biodegradability test standard. It is made from a common plant and is a by-product of its processing into a commercial food item.

Not only have we improved the formula, but the packaging has undergone an upgrade! The new, stronger slip-top tin keeps dirt out. A new heavy-duty applicator pad makes it easier to get to work. Finally, a new, eye-catching label will get everyone in the wax room wondering where you got that wax.

The entire Fluoro-based paste wax lines of SLICK and HSP have been reformulated, and the results have been mind-blowing. Skiers nationwide are shocked and amazed that this product does not contain Fluorocarbons. When testing, we heard this all the time: "These are supper slippery for no-fluoro."

The HSX lineup:

HSX - All temp paste wax makes a great alternative to SLICK

HSX 10 - Race-level performance when the weather gets cold and nasty makes a great alternative to HSP-10

HSX 20 - Our all-time best-selling HSP product. Excellent performance for the most common winter temps makes a great alternative to HSP-20.

HSX 30: Perfect temps for our Fluoro replacement technology to kick into gear, which makes a great alternative to HSP-30.

HSX 40: It's hot, hot, hot out! The product with the highest concentration of our new fluoro replacement makes a great alternative to HSP-40.

Does this mean that other Fast Wax products with Fluorocarbons are being reformulated? Yes, absolutely. The transition from Fluorocarbons has been something we have been expecting for years. We spent this time preparing and getting ready for this. If Fluorocarbonless skiing is important to you, check out our Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt Plus line of waxes.

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