Flowercarbon Power

Flowercarbon Power

Can we plant a seed in your mind? It's for a flower to remind us that the age of Fluorocarbons in ski wax is over.

FlowerCarbon is a core philosophy here at Fast Wax. It is a way of thinking and doing to make our impact on the planet good. To us to being "Green" or "Eco Friendly" is to follow this FlowerCarbon philosophy.

Why the term FlowerCabon? As a play on Fluorocarbon, it is intended to remind us of where we have been and that we can do better. A lot better. The FlowerCabon philosophy is multi-faceted and is applied to our entire production process. Every action has a reaction; how can we make a quality product at a fair price and do it without asking Mother Nature to take one more for the team?

Starting with our base materials, we seek out and work with US-based companies; yes, we will spend a few dollars more to keep our business in the States. This helps us keep our carbon emissions low and helps the US economy. Ordering is done in massive bulk shipments that keep the number of deliveries to a minimum. An electric forklift unloads these trucks and moves this material around the shop under LED lights. I can go on, but you probably get what I am driving at. Lower energy inputs to make our product saves us money that we can pass along to you as an additional value in our products.

At Fast Wax, we realize that cardboard and material recycling have been a part of our culture from the start. It is so ingrained that we have forgotten that it is good for the planet and our bottom line. Our packaging has been recyclable for over 20 years now and is purchased from a company in Michigan. Our paper inserts are printed on 100% recycled paper in Minnesota.

From the start, we have used food-grade or higher paraffin wax, which is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Refined by processors all along the Gulf Coast, right here in the southern US. Fast Wax's transition to water-repellent additives that follow our FlowerCarbon philosophy was a huge undertaking. The years of dedicated research and development have given way to a new class of additives from new markets that make us happy to use them.

The #1 water-repellent additive used at Fast Wax is a finely micronized husk of a common plant. It is considered a byproduct of its processing and is all-natural. When micronized, it provides excellent lubricity and abrasion resistance compared to synthetic wax additives. Additionally, the additive is considered biodegradable using the OECD 302C standard. You will find this in Quick and our HSX products.

Our Race Wax additives do not get a free pass to pollute just because we are racing. I am the most proud of these two additives that work very well in keeping skiers fast and out of the wax room. Our first hydrophobic (water-repellent) additive is a high-density polyethylene composite that contains two types of inert high-performance ceramic microspheres that are 100% fluorocarbon-free. The " Plus " additive in Thunderbolt Plus is a high-density polyethylene additive reinforced with a super hard, non-ferrous base element nanoparticle that is so small it measures 300nm in length.

Fast Wax commits to never putting profits over the planet by knowingly using forever chemicals in our products. Additionally, we commit to look for and be willing to change to continually use materials that do not impact the environment. As you can see, FlowerCarbon is not a single thing. It is an attitude—a passion. To always do things the right way for our customers and our planet.

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